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The Results YOU want. The Care YOU deserve. 

Meadowland Therapy is owned locally. Richard Lemon has been practicing since 1999.

Meadowland Therapy aspires to improve the quality of life of our patients by creating an environment that promotes wellness. We understand that everyone has a different road on their way to recovery and we want to be with you every step of the way. As a comprehensive outpatient clinic, we offer a range of services under physical therapy as a means to your recovery. We are committed to providing an experienced, caring staff dedicated to providing the individual care you deserve.




What our patients have to say....

  • "I love Jill- we can’t forget her. You walk in and don’t feel like you’re at a physician’s office or clinic."

  • "I recently had the opportunity to use Meadowland Therapy.  I had struggled with a bad knee for over 6 years, and finally got the courage to have my knee replaced.  I have never had the occasion previously to need a physical therapist so this was my first adventure with that.  After recouping for two weeks at home I was ready to choose my therapy establishment.  I visited 4 different locations and choose Meadowland and it was a great choice.  I was impressed by the caring professional atmosphere that each one of Richard’s staff exhibits.   Another thing that impressed me was there attention to cleanliness, each time a patient even just sat on a table they would wipe it down with disinfectant and throw the towel in the hamper.  Richard and his staff listened to me each visit to see if they need to change my routine in any way to maximize my recovery.  If the need ever arises again for physical therapy Richard will have to put up with me again, because I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  They are caring knowledgeable professionals who really care and strive to help their patients get the best quality of life possible.  Thanks again Richard Dr. Ford was very pleased with my results thanks to you!"

  • "I was suffering with incontinence. I had a bladder repair in 1990. I had to wear depends at night because I could not make it to the bathroom from my bedroom. The bathroom is the next room over. I also had to wear uncomfortable thick pads during the day. I went to my urologist Dr Elizabeth Smedley to discuss another surgery. She recommended medication. I tried that and still had problems. She then suggested Physical Therapy.  I thought how will that help?  She referred me Meadowland Therapy. Robyn made me feel comfortable and showed me how physical therapy does work. I still do some of the exercises before I get out of bed in the morning & I work on the ball 3 to 4 times a week. I would HIGHLY recommend Robyn @ Meadowland Therapy to anyone having incontinence. The whole office is so friendly and helpful. I had to change a few appointments at the last minute and they were so congenial. Thanks again to Robyn… NO MORE DEPENDS. "

  • "Richard was a true professional and ensured that she understood the reasons for all the rehab. He is very professional and takes the time needed to ensure the patient is comfortable and understands everything. I recommend Meadowland to everyone because they care more about helping people get better than seeing how many people they can see in a day."

  • "I got great service and would recommend Meadowland Therapy for all friends and family. They helped me move my arm again and would like to thank them."

  • "Each day as I continue to practice the exercises that Robyn provided while I was engaged in physical therapy (PT) office visits, I marvel on the 'miracle' life I now enjoy.  The miracle includes: no more internal organs protruding, no more spontaneous fluid eruptions on the way to the toilet, no more dreading a surgical solution to the moderate Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) that had become a major problem to my quality of life.  Despite maintaining a relatively healthy lifestyle with clean eating, exercising, and maintaining human relationships, my pelvic floor was very weak.  After several years of trying to fix the problem through alternative medicine approaches involving postural changes and activating chakras, I approached my primary care physician who referred me to an OB/GYN for consultation.  While hesitant to try physical therapy again (I had tried PT years ago for a different ailment and the sessions revealed nothing that I wasn't already doing during my regular workouts), the biofeedback aspect offered at Meadowland with a female therapist was enticing.  However, I discovered much more than technological advantage and someone that might intimately understand POP.  I deeply appreciated Robyn's laid back, unassuming approach to explaining the physiological aspects of the condition, assigning the ever increasingly difficult exercise regime, and encouraging even when I felt that my progress was more like regression.  I would definitely recommend therapy with Robyn for her knowledge base and bed-side manner to aide in a strong positive outcome.  I would also recommend Meadowland as a conveniently located, expansive, clean, well-appointed facility with a well- stocked candy dish that was the highlight of my husband's visit to the waiting room. "

  • "I had a total knee replacement. I was struggling to regain my flexibility when I came to Meadowland. Richard and Landon did an excellent job of getting me to where I needed to be. They were professional, caring and exceptionally good at providing me the therapy I needed to gain my goals and get back on track to a normal life. The facilities are great and from Jill in the front office to Richard and Landon as therapist you could not ask for a better staff."

  • "I've gone to Meadowland Therapy several times over the years for rehab on shoulders and back. The people are very friendly, the facility is clean and modern, and best of all the rehabs were successful. It doesn't get much better than that!"

  • "The staff are very friendly and helpful, every visit there has been above and beyond. I thank each and every one of them there that I have met, thank you for your excellent service from the front desk to the therapist. Highly recommend this place for anyone needing physical therapy. A+++"

  • "I have a ton of pelvic pain and bladder issues, Robyn one of the PTs not only helped reduce my pain but got me back into the gym lifting weights, running and being able to lose weight. Since leaving there I became sicker and will have to start there again. I’m actually excited because I know how well it worked last time. Best PT place I’ve been to by far."



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